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Welcome to my tribute to the beauty and splendor of the wilderness (and a few not so wild places). This site catalogs some of the pictures I've taken and adventures I've had in some of the most beautiful places on Earth..

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Canyonlands - White Rim by mountain bike

The Grand Canyon by boat

Canyonlands - The Maze by 4WD

Death Valley

Yosemite & The Sierra Nevada

Glacier Bay by sea kayak

Canyonlands - Island In The Sky & The Rivers

Bryce Canyon in the snow

Canyonlands - The Needles
Underwater Photos


These are some pictures from some more developed parts of the world. 

New England Fall Foliage

Hiking The Dolomites

Provence, the Cote D' Azur, and the Italian Riviera


Mt Shasta



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